Frederick’s Classes it up

Everyone’s favorite soft core sleazy lingerie joint, has finally decided to class it up a bit. Frederick’s of Hollywood is making an effort to clean up its image with less trashy lingerie. Check out the article here if you missed it.

I admit I was a little put off by the image clean up at first, but after 2 minutes of thinking I have decided that it is a great idea. If people want sleazy there are plenty of sleazy adult stores to purchase such things. I am excited that there will finally be another option outside of Victoria’s Secret.

If you want to cash in on some sleaze (not like there is anything wrong with sleaze) before its all gone. Here are some special deals for the Ask Fashion Kitty readers.

Cami Sets

4 thoughts on “Frederick’s Classes it up”

  1. Ooh la love.

    I, for one, will mourn the loss of my favorite place to buy shelf bras and crotchless pantyhose.

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