Fashionista needs to look superhot!

Hey Fashion Kitty

Here’s the deal…The ultimate like all time love of my life’s birthday is Friday. He invited me to his party. Great! Except, now I’m in a complete state of panic! WHAT DO I WEAR!!!! I haven’t seen him for almost 3 years!!!! I absolutely HAVE to look hot! Hotter than hot! He has to see me and be like DAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN!!! but in a good way! HELP! I would love to find the ultimate black top with just the right touches, i.e., dolman sleeves, a VERY deep plunging v neck ( to show off the goodies) but those are the basics! I’m thinking Ella Moss? Anyways Fashion Kitty! Help me out! I’m going shopping immediately ( online ) to get ideas!

Thanks for the help!

Fashionista in dire need to look superhot!!!

Hi Superhottie!

Man do I wish I could start a clothing rental service. I have the best Ella Moss plunging (very low) Dolman sleeve, black top- with a keyhole in the back! Its hot…I put a spiffy butterfly belt around my waist an woo hoo!

Here is my suggestion…You need to go out and shop. Shopping online gives you great ideas sure, but in a pinch its risky business. Things can be out of stock, not in your size, fedex can screw up. Its wonderful that you already know what you want. Here are a few ideas from me….

Top by LaRok $178

T-Bags $128

Black is always safe for being hot, and something easy to accessorize. But keep your options open- you do want to stand out in front the Dream Dude! Good luck and have fun at the party.

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