Ban & Burn: Shoes

The weather is heating up; it is safe to switch out the winter clothes for something a bit skimpier. This is the perfect time for a good old closet burning session.
Now, when I use the words burn/burning- please don’t bring out the gasoline and matches. This only means you need to (safely) remove your old and severely ugly clothes/ accessories by either donating or just pitch them.
Today’s session is devoted to shoes. These shoes need to burned and banished from your closet never to be worn again.

1.) Flip Flops- I am so sick of everyone wearing flip flops! I see them in the office, at the mall, out to dinner. Flip Flops are for the pool, and the inside of your house. Unless you have a heeled pair that is extremely fabulous. Just say no to Flip Flops

2.) Mandals- Men should not wear sandals. The end. NEXT!!!!!! But really, unless you want to look like a young boy from the early 1900’s let’s go ahead and leave these alone.

3.) Birkenstocks- No, no, and no. These shoes are for dirty hippies. Keyword: Dirty!

4.) Uggs, Keds, and those hideous elastic shoes from Steve Madden (see picture) – Don’t wear any of these shoes, unless you enjoy being laughed at (because people are laughing)

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