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5 No-Fail Looks If You Are Bigger on the Top


If you want to really dress your best, it’s best to keep your body type in mind while shopping. You can have the best outfit in the world on but if it doesn’t make YOU look amazing then, “Houston, we have a problem.” This week’s “5 No-Fail Looks For Your Figure” post is all about […]

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5 No-Fail Looks If You Don’t Have Curves

5 looks no curves

Dressing for your body type is probably the most important element when it comes to putting together a solid/ flattering look. Unfortunately it’s also the most difficult part. With fashion magazines and style bloggers force-feeding the latest trends down our throats, it’s easy to get caught under the style spell. That shapeless dress that Olivia […]

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Cold-Weather Coats For Your Body Type


Let me start by saying this, I am totally jealous of the people get to wear coats this fall. It is still summer here in LA and I am not happy about it. At all. Okay I’m through complaining, now on to the advice! When its cold outside the first priority is to keep warm […]

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Why You Look 10lbs Heavier (and How to Fix it)


I’ve yet to meet a woman who wants to look heavier than they actually are. Now I’ve worked with clients who want to look curvier or who perhaps wants to fill out certain area of a garment – but heavier? No, I haven’t come across that one yet. The thing is, a lot of women […]

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Style Tips That Will Trim Your Thighs


I’d rank this body issue #3 amongst my clients (tummy being #1 and booty being #2) – thunder thighs! Truth be told, most men actually love a meatier thigh, but women? We could live without them. For some reason women long for the elusive “thigh gap”.  I’ll admit, I have fallen victim to this crazy […]

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Tricks for Making Your Arms Look Slimmer


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ever have your own arms ruin a perfectly good photograph? I have. As a woman who wasn’t born with thin limbs, I have had that experience. If you have non-spindly arms you probably know how to fake it in a photo by now (the old hand on the hip trick) […]

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8 Tips For Balancing A Bigger Booty


So you’ve got some extra junk in the trunk? I get it. No I mean I really get it because I’m a girl with booty to spare. Though I’m never one to hide such an amazing asset, balance is key. I’ve got 8 great tips for keeping your bottom half in proportion with your top […]

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How to Hide a Less-Than-Perfect Tummy


One of the questions I always ask my clients is this, what area of your body would you like to play down? 9 times out of 1o it’s their midsection (whether they are a size 2 or size 22). Unless you are Britney Spears circa 1999, you are probably less than confident about your tummy. […]

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Top Brands for Petite Women + Bonus Styling Tips!


Being petite definitely has its advantages; walking under low hanging branches, maneuvering through crowds, and airplanes seats are practically “made” for those who lack height. However, when it comes to fashion, things can get a little tricky. I’ve got a couple of rules to lay down for ya … Rule #1- a great tailor will […]

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Dress My Body Type: Video

When it comes to fashion I believe that fit come first and style comes second. Check out my latest video that was featured on Ok! Magazine‘s website, which walks you through the different body types and how to dress for them. Also be sure to check out my handy Dress My Body Type guide.  

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