Like A Boss: Dressing for Respect in the Workplace


At this point in my career, it actually cracks me up when I hear people say that looks don’t matter. I laugh because I’ve heard it so many times, and it couldn’t be further from the true. Looks do matter. Get used to it! Studies have shown that well-dressed people are more likely to get […]

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Diary of a Dater: How to Not Waste A Hot Outfit On A Cold Date

lauren messiah date outfit

Spoiler Alert: This story start with Tinder, so you know the ending can’t be all that great but you know it’s at least going to be a fun story. The Man: I’ve heard plenty of tales of Tinder resulting in loving, long-term relationships but right now I’m calling bullshit.  You see I first joined Tinder […]

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Getting Deep: Love, Life, And Style


Love and style, as it turns out, they have a lot in common.  This is all news to me, as I haven’t actually “dated” in a while. Believe it or not, I was pretty awkward growing up. I won’t go as far as to say that I was an ugly duckling because truth be told, […]

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How To Dress For A Trip To Hawaii + What To Pack


If you didn’t read my last post about “Operation Live Life”, you’ll probably want to. Why because as part of my operation I am taking a long overdue vacation to Maui!! It has been my dream to go to Hawaii and now it is finally happening. Insert happy dance here. Now you all should know […]

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Operation Live Life: How To Live Stylishly


Ever wake up and realize you haven’t actually been living life? Sure you are alive and breathing but living- not so much. I came to that realization for myself a few weeks ago. My life had become all work and no play. I hadn’t taken a proper vacation in YEARS, which according to most is […]

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My Saks Off 5th Shoe Haul


Well I had probably one of the best shopping days of my life yesterday! Seriously. It started innocently enough, a trip to Target to buy hand soap. Of course this story doesn’t end at Target, not even close. After my hand soap was purchased I started walking to my car and saw that the new […]

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Learning to Shed Your Style Past


I’m hoping I’m not alone here but have you ever woke up and thought to yourself “holy #*@$, I’m 34 years old?! Go ahead and replace the 34 with your own shocking age revelation. It actually doesn’t matter what the age is, time slips away and life isn’t always exactly where you want it to […]

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Shake Up Your Sheath Dress With These Tips


Chances are you have at least one sheath dress hanging in your closet. And chances are it’s just sitting there collecting dust. Betcha didn’t know just how versatile this little dress is!!! You can take a sheath dress to the office, on a date, to a baby shower, to a brunch … The possibilities are […]

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The Fine Art of Mixing Edgy And Classic


I consider myself somewhat of a style chameleon. I wear whatever suits my mood or my environment for that day, or even just for that moment. However, if I had to give my overall style a name, I’d call it an edgy classic look. I love the idea of rocking a timeless look with a […]

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Best Bikinis For the Busty

Best Bikinis For the Busty

 If you haven’t purchased your summer swimwear yet, then I highly suggest you get on it! It’s summertime, and I really don’t care what your body looks like, everyone needs to get their booty in some kind of bathing suit this season.I totally understand the struggle of finding the perfect fit, but don’t let swimwear […]

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