Ring Trends For The Office


Teeny-tiny and stacked rings have been on trend for a while now and they aren’t really showing signs of slowing. However, in my opinion, this ring trend is inappropriate for an office setting. Too trendy if you ask me. So what’s a ring loving girl to do? A ring loving girl is to help me […]

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The Secret To Making Money From Your Closet

Sex and the City 2

One of the many fashion lessons my mother taught me was this; when you bring one new thing in, you take one old thing out. Cleansing your closet is crucial to keeping your style on point. Getting rid of styles that no longer serve you, not only makes room for new items but can also […]

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Career Advice For Aspiring Fashion Professionals


In addition to working as a personal stylist here in Los Angeles, I also co-own the styling school, School of Style. With that being said, in addition to dishing out styling advice, I also serve up plenty of career advice. So I started a playlist on my YouTube channel that is all about career advice […]

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Stylish Shoes For Commuters

shoes for commuters

A few months ago when I was traveling to Washington DC to visit my family, I noticed something on the streets. A herd of women wearing power suits, pantyhose, and white sneakers. Please note that this was a few months ago and NOT thirty something years ago in the 80s. Let’s try to ignore the […]

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How To Wear Leather To The Office


I am HUGE leather person! In fact, I wear leather jackets and pants year round and don’t give a single damn about it either. A lot of my clients want to incorporate leather into their looks but struggle to find that balance between professional and edgy. I am here to tell you that wearing leather […]

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Style Tips To Help You Get A Promotion


I can’t think of anything worse than being at a job where I never advance. Not only does it suck financially, it has to be totally boring! Alright so we all agree NOT getting a promotion sucks, so the question is how DO you get a promotion? Sure there is the obvious; work hard, come […]

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10 Ways To Wear Pointy Flats

street style pointy toe flats

If there is one thing I love, it’s some pointed flats. Think about it, you get the comfort of a flat coupled with the style of a pump. Double win! I have a beautiful pair from Jimmy Choo that I purchased years ago and continue to get my moneys worth from them. So if you […]

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How To Wear Lilly For Target (If You Aren’t A Lilly Girl)

lilly for target

This post is sponsored by Target. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Lilly Pulitzer for Target was a MASSIVE hit. Even if you aren’t a Lilly fan, you probably were curious enough to purchase a piece – or at least try to. I stopped by Target an hour after opening and […]

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How To Wear Prints


Spring is here and to me that is the perfect excuse to bust out the prints! Put those boring solid pieces to the back of the closet and have some fun in this warm weather. There are a few tips for wearing prints that I do want to share. If you follow these tips or […]

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How To Dress Right For Your Body Type


Guess what … I finally wrote an eBook! Seriously, this has been on my to-do list for a REALLY long time. So I am super excited to share it with you all for FREE! I decided to write my first book on dressing for your body type because I truly feel it’s the most important […]

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