10 Ways to Wear a Cardigan


Never underestimate the power of a cardigan. This seemingly preppy piece is actually quite versatile. You can wear it to work, on the weekend, or even on a night out if you play your cards right. Business Casual Style Take your cardigan to the office (maybe sans the sandals) with a neutral dress and a […]

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Booty Basics: Hot Heine How-To

lauren messiah adidas women

Want to know how to get a booty that won’t quit? I’m not going to say I’m the booty whisperer or anything like that but according to the masses, this baby does have back! A lot of it probably genetic but I also do a variety of workouts that help keep things shapely and lifted. […]

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3 Tips for Making Your Cargo Pants Super Stylish


Are cargo pants ever okay? Oh that’s the million dollar question. Well maybe it’s more like a $40 question … but a great question all the same. I say it depends on who’s asking. For men, if you are under 30 they are okay, over 30 never okay. Now for all of my ladies, this […]

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Client Makeover: New York State of Mind

stylist fitting

I am writing this post from New York City where I just wrapped up a client fitting. This particular client is one that I have worked with before back in LA a little over a year ago. When I first worked with her she was just a little 20 something lamb (now she is a […]

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How to Wear Drawstring Pants

drawstring pants

When I want to be comfortable I reach for a roomy pair of drawstring pants. Sweats or a nice silky pair of drawstring pants (depending on the weather) are a modern alternative to leggings. Now you know I am not one to put comfort over style, especially when you can have both. Yes, ladies you […]

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Style Profile: Jennifer Aniston

We're The Millers - European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Jennifer Aniston is the go-to style icon for my personal styling clients – they all wanna look like Jenn! Seriously. Maybe it’s because she always looks stylish and completely effortless. Whether she is rocking a white tee and jeans or a stunning gown on the red carpet, girlfriend ALWAYS looks amazing. Her secret? Simplicity and […]

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A Day in the Life of a Stylist: Shopping


A big part of my job is shopping. Yeah, I know, life is so hard. But seriously it is kind of hard. Shopping for clients isn’t at all like shopping for yourself. For example instead of hitting two or three stores in one day, I hit 10-15. I have to think about what the clients […]

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The Secrets to Looking Expensive (on a Limited Budget)


  There is one thing that I have noticed during my years as a personal stylist – all women want to look like a million bucks regardless of their budget. If you have been following me, you know that I can find some insane clothing for my clients on the cheap. But I also know […]

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How to Make Backpacks Look Cool


I did a piece for this month’s Glam.com iPad app (it’s awesome, get it here) about how to make backpacks more stylish and chic. I’ve actually become somewhat of a backpack junkie myself so I decided share some of my tips here and a crap ton of backpack inspiration pics. I recently jumped onto the […]

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Pieces That Promote a Perfect Posterior

lauren messiah adidas

One of the questions that I always ask my clients is this – What is your favorite feature/part of your body? This particular question usually comes back with blank stares. It bums me out that it’s easier for women to find something they hate about their bodies, rather than something they love. No matter your […]

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