How to Make More Space In Your Closet


Not everyone is blessed with killer closet space. If you live in a big city like New York, then your chances of having a big closet are slim to none. Lucky for you I have some tips on how to maximize your closet space like a champ. Slimline Hangers If you haven’t upgraded to Slimline […]

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The Best Places to Buy Your Basics


Basics are like the glue that holds your whole wardrobe together, without them you’d just be a mishmash of trends and that is NOT cute. Lucky for you I’ve got you totally covered with a list of the best places/ brands to go to for your basics. Whether you are a babe on a budget […]

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10 Ways to Stylishly Wear Sweatpants


Sweatpants, once the most hated/taunted garment of all time and now they are basically the freaking prom queen of fashion. Gotta love the trends cycle. I for one am pumped that sweatpants have been temporarily accepted as chic. In fact, I am going to milk this trends as long as I possibly can. In order […]

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A Look Inside My Personal Styling Stationery Kit

lauren messiah personal stylist paperwork

Do you ever get so excited when you get something new that you just can’t contain yourself? Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes, a boyfriend, a puppy … something so great that everyone you know has to hear about it? Well that’s how I feel about my new marketing materials that I created with […]

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How To Look Chic In Sneakers


For the first time in fashion (okay maybe not the first time) being comfortable is actually considered stylish! At least on the footwear front it is. Incorporating sneakers into your look is not only acceptable, it’s actually encouraged. Last week I was asked, ‘how do you avoid looking sloppy in a pair of sneakers?’ and […]

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The Best Places To Shop If You Are On A Budget


This one is for all of my budget fashionistas! A question I get asked a lot if where do you shop when you have a client who is on a limited budget? Well I most certainly have the answer to that question because I am constantly grabbing up crazy deals for my clients – no […]

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10 Ways To Wear A Hoodie

street style hoodie

It may be spring but in LA it’s suddenly FREEZING. Okay, it’s technically 62 degrees but ’round these parts that is freezing. What does that mean? It means I have to bust out the old hoodie in order to keep myself warm. Because I don’t want to look like a hot tragic mess – I […]

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3 Easy Upgrades for Jeans and Tee Shirt Girls


Lately a lot of my styling clients have been requesting looks that involve jeans and a tee shirt as the base. To me this makes perfect sense, we live in a world where that is basically the uniform. The problem with uniforms is that they can be boring and therefore lack style. It’s my job […]

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Win a Few of My Favorite Things

beauty giveaway

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been making some MAJOR changes around here. I upgraded my homepage, I started creating daily free fashion tips video, I’ve also started a daily newsletter chock-full of information that you won’t find here on my blog, and I’ve created some fun freebies for you to download. In honor of […]

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Can You Make a Tee Shirt Softer With Salt?


I love a good old fashioned style hack. You see them floating around the internet all the time BUT do they actually work? The style scientist in me likes to find out if they do. After all a working style hack not only helps me but it helps you all and my clients too. One […]

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