Learning to Shed Your Style Past


I’m hoping I’m not alone here but have you ever woke up and thought to yourself “holy #*@$, I’m 34 years old?! Go ahead and replace the 34 with your own shocking age revelation. It actually doesn’t matter what the age is, time slips away and life isn’t always exactly where you want it to […]

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Shake Up Your Sheath Dress With These Tips


Chances are you have at least one sheath dress hanging in your closet. And chances are it’s just sitting there collecting dust. Betcha didn’t know just how versatile this little dress is!!! You can take a sheath dress to the office, on a date, to a baby shower, to a brunch … The possibilities are […]

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The Fine Art of Mixing Edgy And Classic


I consider myself somewhat of a style chameleon. I wear whatever suits my mood or my environment for that day, or even just for that moment. However, if I had to give my overall style a name, I’d call it an edgy classic look. I love the idea of rocking a timeless look with a […]

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Best Bikinis For the Busty

Best Bikinis For the Busty

┬áIf you haven’t purchased your summer swimwear yet, then I highly suggest you get on it! It’s summertime, and I really don’t care what your body looks like, everyone needs to get their booty in some kind of bathing suit this season.I totally understand the struggle of finding the perfect fit, but don’t let swimwear […]

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Ask a Dude: Are Flat Shoes Sexy


Things I found out this week: 1.) Taking copious amounts of cold medicine will not prevent you from catching a cold. 2.) Men watch my videos! Never mind the cold medicine stuff, let’s focus on #2 – Dudes are actually watching my videos! One dude in particular even requested I cover a topic on video. […]

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Your Guide To Luxury Consignment

luxury consignment

I LOVE high-end or luxury consignment. I love it as a shopper, a seller, and as a stylist. I have received so many questions in regards to consigning luxury goods, that I’ve decided to answer all of those questions in one giant video. So if you are a person who wants to BUY fancy clothing […]

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Leggings: Friend or Foe? I’ll Let You Know

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 05:  TV Presenter Alexa Chung is seen in Soho on September 5, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Hate to break it to you, but leggings aren’t for everyone. Sure they are mad comfortable and easy as pie to throw on BUT they aren’t always the wisest choice, fashionably speaking. Why? They can easily end up being one of the most unflattering garments in your closet. Yep. Bad news, people. In today’s video, […]

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Never Hear The Words “Your Bra Is Showing” Ever Again


Let’s just call this a #ThrowbackThursday video because I shot this bad boy last week from New York City! Okay, it’s not that throwback but still, let’s just roll with it. Undergarments, bras, and boobs have been a big topic on my videos lately. Apparently you all have a ton of questions on the subject, […]

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80s Style: Bring It Back or Put It Back??


Oh the 80s, what an interesting time. Good things that happened in the 80s: I was born, “Like a Virgin” Madonna, and, um, shoulder pads??? Oh wait, 80s shoulder pads are atrocious. The 80s were pretty rough style wise. Some scary trends happened, and everyone wore them like it was totally okay – because it […]

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Summer Wardrobe Staples for 2015


The temperature is rising, and it’s probably safe to store your fall/winter wardrobe if you haven’t already. The great thing about a fall/winter wardrobe is that it’s loaded with amazing “wardrobe staples” – classic blazers, jeans, sweaters, etc. But what about summer wardrobe staples? Identifying those can be a little challenging, am I right? Summer […]

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