10 Ways to Wear Tweed


I am officially OVER summer. It has been hotter than hot in LA and I don’t like it. Right now its 97 degrees out and I am hating life. What am I doing about it? For starters I am cranking up the AC! I am also getting a jump start on my fall wardrobe by […]

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Hair How-To: Frizz-Free Curls

garnier lauren messiah

I don’t know how your summer has been going but in LA it’s been freakishly hot and humid. Humidity in LA isn’t normal, in fact it’s one of the reasons that I live here instead of DC (where I’m from). Humidity + my hair = nightmare. Lucky for me this rare humidity streak isn’t enough […]

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Gift Guide for the Exercise Enthusiast

lauren messiah adidas

When it comes to giving gifts, I could be better. You would think that since I basically shop for a living that I’d have the whole gift thing down. If it’s not your birthday or a holiday I know exactly what to get you but once your special day rolls around – I’ve totally forgotten […]

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How to Dress Up Leggings and a Tunic


As a stylist it’s kind of my job to think that leggings are the anti-Christ on the fashion world. However, because I work as a personal stylist, I totally understand the necessity for a comfortable pair of leggings. Sometimes the day just calls for a pair of leggings. A common leggings pairing is a long […]

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3 Tricks for Pulling Together a Solid Look


One of the top things my client’s request is a “pulled together” look. No matter if they are going to work, going out to dinner, or just running errands on the weekends – they want to look neat and not sloppy. You see it done all the time – a celebrity will have a super-basic […]

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Client Makeover: Mr. Hollywood Agent

lauren messiah client fitting

It’s time for another client makeover. This go-round I am working with Ryan, a regular client of mine. Ryan is a Hollywood talent agent and has recently undergone a dress code change. The last time we worked together it was all about suits, fancy shoes, and a super-professional wardrobe. Now he’s at a new agency […]

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Hair How-To: Glammed Out Pixie

garnier video lauren messiah

A few months ago I flew to NYC with my former assistant turned friend Anna to shoot a video for Garnier. I was asked to take off my fashion styling hat and replace it with my hair styling hat. Problem is; I don’t have a hair styling hat. Well, I managed to make it work […]

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5 Stylish Reasons to Ditch Your Heels This Summer


During the hot summer months, this summer in particular, I feel that it’s too hot for heels. I know I’m not alone here because a lot of my clients have been asking for stylish alternatives to heels. I totally get it and with all of the flat footwear options out there, who needs heels! Lucky […]

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Client Makeover: A Stylish Career Change

rack of clothes

It’s not every day that one of my School of Style students becomes a personal styling client but let me tell you something, stylists need stylists too! In this latest makeover, one of my star students becomes one of my favorite clients. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to buy everything I pulled for her. […]

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A Runner’s Guide to Glam Gear

lauren messiah adidas women cute running gear

Confession time! I’ve always wanted to be a runner but sadly I am not (I run when chased). I tried to be a runner more than once actually and each time it ends in disaster. The first time is when I joined the track team and the second time I was out of my mind […]

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