OMG He Wore Dad Jeans On A Date

dad jeans

The day my Match.com account expired was the happiest day of my week – I’ll save you from the dramatics by saying it was the happiest day of my life. This Match.com will likely my last, not because this guy is the man of my dreams. He was not. I will be meeting my future […]

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I’ve Been Swept Into The Hype: Hermes Apple Watch


I never thought this could happen, not to me but … I want the Apple Watch! When the Apple Watch first came out I laughed, I thought it was stupid, I thought I’ll NEVER wear that thing. I was extremely confident with this thought and had every intention of standing my ground. Then it happened. […]

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The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist

wardrobe checklist lauren messiah

originally posted on School of Style When it comes to giving a person amazing style, there are some things that need to be in place. The first being is an open mind (you can’t style a person who doesn’t want to be styled), and two is a well-stocked closet with – what I call, wardrobe […]

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Stop Insulting Yourself and Learn How To Take A Compliment!


A few weeks ago, a client pointed out to me that I simply say “thank you” when given a compliment, and she was inspired by that. Admittedly, I was 100% confused – isn’t that what you’re supposed to say? She went on to say that most people say things like “nooo”, “this old thing?”, or […]

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Dressing for Darkness: My Match.com Date From Hell


After a few failed Tinder dates (read about one of them here), I decided to step my game up with a little Match.com action. I thought that Match.com was a reputable site filled with men who were ready to date. Silly me. Match.com has been the worst performer yet when it comes to my dating […]

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Take a Time Out! Why Dressing For Vacation Matters

lauren messiah maui trip

I don’t vacation enough. There I said it. The truth is, I simply love my career so much that it’s difficult to take a time out from it. The problem is, time outs are important. I’m not talking about toddler time outs, I’m talking on full-on adult time outs where you take care of yourself […]

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Please Don’t Kill My Vibe: Defining Your Personal Style


We are all unique special creatures; there is no one else in the world that is exactly like you. This truth can apply to your looks, personality, and personal style, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain generalized buckets that we fit into. Let me elaborate. I’ll start with our looks, where we can fit […]

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Like A Boss: Dressing for Respect in the Workplace


At this point in my career, it actually cracks me up when I hear people say that looks don’t matter. I laugh because I’ve heard it so many times, and it couldn’t be further from the true. Looks do matter. Get used to it! Studies have shown that well-dressed people are more likely to get […]

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Diary of a Dater: How to Not Waste A Hot Outfit On A Cold Date

lauren messiah date outfit

Spoiler Alert: This story start with Tinder, so you know the ending can’t be all that great but you know it’s at least going to be a fun story. The Man: I’ve heard plenty of tales of Tinder resulting in loving, long-term relationships but right now I’m calling bullshit.  You see I first joined Tinder […]

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Getting Deep: Love, Life, And Style


Love and style, as it turns out, they have a lot in common.  This is all news to me, as I haven’t actually “dated” in a while. Believe it or not, I was pretty awkward growing up. I won’t go as far as to say that I was an ugly duckling because truth be told, […]

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