How to DIY Your Halloween Costume Using Pinterest

lauren messiah ktla

I started this morning out with some good old fashioned TV fun! KTLA invited me on the show this morning to do a segment on DIY Halloween costumes as found on Pinterest. Two things you should know going in … 1.) I am total geek for holidays, so this was right up my alley 2.) […]

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Cold-Weather Coats For Your Body Type


Let me start by saying this, I am totally jealous of the people get to wear coats this fall. It is still summer here in LA and I am not happy about it. At all. Okay I’m through complaining, now on to the advice! When its cold outside the first priority is to keep warm […]

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Exercise Advice: Stepping Up Your Stretches

lauren messiah adidas

I’m gonna give “getting older” the blame on this one but my bones are getting a little creaky lately. Nothing serious, but I have noticed that as my official mid-thirties are approaching (34 on November 4th, mark you calendars) things are never hurt are starting to.  Since I’m not one to roll over and give […]

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How to Wear a Cardigan This Fall

olivia palermo cardgian

this post was originally published on Glam.com. Read more of my Glam posts here Cardigans, in my opinion, are the most underrated garments in a woman’s closet.  This classic must-have is not only useful but it is great styling tool to keep in your arsenal. This seemingly preppy piece of fabric is actually quite versatile. […]

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Luxury for Less on Hollywood Boulevard


Hollywood Boulevard is not exactly a known for its great shopping. Its more like a tourist trap that I try to avoid at all costs. Sure they have some decent stores but nothing special enough to get me onto the dreaded Boulevard. Until today …  Because a brand spanking new Marshalls just opened up on […]

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10 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck


I have a love/hate relationship with turtlenecks. Well it’s mostly been hate but lately I’ve been changing my tune.  I think the hate stems from a long history with those awful holiday turtlenecks. You know those cotton themed turtlenecks that you’d rock underneath a holiday sweater or sweatshirt? I wore a lot of those in […]

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Warm-Up Gear to Heat Up Your Workout

lauren messiah adidas

The temperate has yet to drop here in Southern California and quite frankly I am sick of it. In an attempt to be optimistic, I’ve started to load up my fall fitness wardrobe with some cute warm-up gear to keep me warm when (not if) La-La Land gets the memo that it is actually fall. […]

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How to Look Stylish While Lounging Around the House


Lounging around the house and style are RARELY used in the same sentence. I totally get it too. Here is what usually happens right when I get off work … Shoes off, bra off, pants off, contacts out, glasses on, sweatpants on, tee shirt on. Yep, I keep real around these parts. As comfortable as […]

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To Match or Not to Match? That is the Question


image via PopSugar A variation of this post was originally published on Glam.com As a stylist, this question comes up pretty darn often. Should my bag and my shoes match? My go-to answer has always been “heck no!” Not only do your shoes and bag not have to match, I encourage them not to. But […]

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How Vanity Sizing is Killing Your Self Esteem


The topic of vanity sizes has been on my mind for quite some time. I actually started writing this post back in April and forgot about it. Then I stumbled across this article in The Hollywood Reporter. It’s all about the origin of size zero clothing and the wild world of vanity sizing. It struck […]

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