Client Makeover: Post Collegiate Life

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My little brother may or may not kill me for this post but I am willing to take my chances, we are family after all … This past December when I went home to visit my family for Christmas, I gifted my youngest brother a makeover and a new wardrobe for Christmas. I know, I […]

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4 Steps To Looking (and feeling) Like a Million Bucks


I think its pretty safe to say that everyone wants to at least feel like a million bucks. Some people even want to look the part too. The thing is, when you look good your chances of feeling good dramatically increases. I know when my outfit, hair, and/or makeup are less than stellar, I certainly […]

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How to Get Stylish Hair in 3 Easy Steps

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This post is sponsored by Suave Professionals When it comes to styling my own hair I need it fast and I need it simple. I don’t have time to waste on complicated hairstyles that involve overpriced products and fancy-pants tools. Which is why I was excited to do this special hair tutorial for Suave Professionals. […]

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10 Ways to Wear a Band Jacket


I’ve got a new obsession and its called the marching band jacket. So stylish, so cool, so exactly what I need in my life. I actually just bought a cool one at Zara but am on the hunt for a real vintage one. In honor of my new obsession, here are 10 ways to wear […]

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Client Makeover: Marketing Man

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I don’t like to play favorites but this might be one of my favorite makeovers of the year. I met this client last year at a holiday party for entrepreneurs. We became fast friends that evening and before I knew it I was telling him that he needed a makeover (from me – of course). […]

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Invest In Your Personal Style, It Pays!


Money is funny. Spending money on certain items is easy (sometimes a little too easy) and for other things, parting with your hard earned cash is nearly impossible. I have found that the things we should spend money are things we don’t spend money. It’s a shame really because the majority of those things can […]

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Game Changing Style Apps


this post was originally posted on Glam.com. Click here to read more of my Glam posts. image via unitedfashionnow.blogspot.com There is a reason everyone keeps their cell phone practically glued to their hands – awesome apps! There is an app for practically everything these days. Some of them are major timewasters (Facebook app, I am looking […]

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10 Ways to Wear a Camel Coat


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty much obsessed with camel coats. Problem is this … I don’t have one!! I fell in love with a camel coat on TheOutnet but sadly they didn’t have my size   So I am still on the hunt. In the meantime I will continue to be inspired by all of […]

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Client Makeover: New Beginnings


Nothing brings me more joy than literally changing someone’s life through style. I know I’m not saving lives or anything but what a person wears makes a huge impact on a their life. When you are too busy living life that you forget to update your style, something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you don’t […]

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11 Style Choices That Are Actually Aging You!


There is nothing wrong with getting older. Actually, getting older is kind of awesome. With age you become smarter, savvier, and way cooler. You couldn’t pay me to be 25 again. I’ll stick to the age I am now, thank you. Of course getting older is no walk in the park. Areas of your body […]

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