Stylish Suits for Women

Angelina_Jolie_3 Q- Where do I go to buy good suits for women?

A- As someone who currently lives and works in a creative industry, it’s sometimes hard to believe that women still need to wear proper suits. La-La Land must have really infiltrated my brain because I’m originally from D.C. aka home of the female power suit.

Fear not, the left coast hasn’t melted my brain completely because I still know where to find good suits for women.

Keep reading to find out! wardrobe-essentials-custom-closet

Where to Shop for Suits:

– Neiman Marcus




– Bloomingdales

– Theory

– Banana Republic

The-Tourist_Angelina-Jolie-black-suit-crop_Image-credit-Optimum-Films Brands to Look For:

– Tahari (loving this one)

Calvin Klein

– Armani

– St. John

Le Suit

– Chanel

– Theory

– The Row wenn3684340

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