10 Ways to Wear Overalls

Something happened today. I bought a pair of overalls. This wasn’t an impulse buy either. I thought this one through. Street Style: Denim Overalls It started innocently enough when I spotted a pair of cute denim overalls on Target.com. They said “sold in stores only” but I couldn’t find them in stores. I sent everyone I knew (in multiple cities and states) out on a mission to find them. No dice. onthestreet_overalls1 This brought on a full obsession. overalls-denim-ny-weworewhat I found a few cute pair on Shopbop but I couldn’t justify spending more than $30 on a pair overalls. They are overalls after all. shopable_streetstyle_London1 However today was my lucky day! I actually found a pair at Nordstrom Rack for a cool $14!!! strawberry-print-overalls-streetpeeper Some of you may be asking, how the heck do you wear overalls and still look chic? Well I’ve got 10 ways … STREET-STYLE-OVERALLS-PUMPS-1 1.) With a beanie

2.) Add a statement necklace

3.) Step it up with a pair of heels     street-style-seconds-overall-zagreb 4. ) Throw on a jacket

5.) Take down one strap

6.) Treat them just like a regular pair of jeans street-style 7.) Cuff ’em

8.) Piles on the layers street+style+seconds+overalls+p2 9.) Pair with evening wear (strappy shoes, metallic bag)

10.) With a carefree attitude because how serious can one be in a pair of overalls? vodafone-london-fashion-weekend-elle-uk-street-style_ga Tell me, would you rock a pair of overalls?

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